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My name is Josh Monahan and I graduated from North Carolina State University in 2017. My family has been in the snack food industry for sixty-five years, and growing up, I always knew that I wanted to continue that tradition. Two years ago I started making plans for a food company of my own. With hunger being such a serious problem in America and learning that 1 in 6 people in this country do not know where their next meal will come from, I decided to name my company 1 in 6 Snacks. My vision was to sell great-tasting products while being able to give back to local food banks at the same time.


I am excited to announce that 1 in 6 snacks has become a reality. My first product is Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and the brand name is Carolina Kettle. The first size that I am offering is a 2-ounce bag. For each of these bags sold, 1 in 6 snacks will donate 5 cents to your local Food Bank. I need your help to spread the word.


– Josh Monahan           

A food bank or foodbank is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger.  They act as food storage and distribution depots for smaller front line agencies; and usually do not themselves give out food directly to the hungry. After the food is collected, sorted, and reviewed for quality, these food banks distribute it to non-profit community or government agencies, including food pantries,[1] food closets,[2] soup kitchens, homeless shelters, orphanages, and schools.


Each year, the death toll from hunger related issues exceeds that of AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, and malnutrition is an underlying cause for approximately 45% of all deaths for children under the age of five.  Fight hunger and reduce food waste. We accomplish this by developing and supporting food banks around the world. Currently, we work in over 30 countries and help provide 1.1 billion pounds of food a year. Please Join our Fight Against Hunger and Food Waste.

 We donate 5¢ for every 2 oz. bag and 10¢ for every 5 oz. bag sold!

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